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Maximum effect of pesticides guaranteed in any conditions
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    ALBIT Scientific and Industrial Limited Liability Company

    ALBIT Scientific and Industrial Limited Liability Company: Union of Science and Practice to Make Agriculture Greener

    Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

    ALBIT LLC is an innovative family business committed to production of biotechnological products, namely Albit® safener for protection of agricultural plants from the phytotoxic effect of pesticides, as well as in conducting scientific research for optimization of green technologies in agriculture

    Scientific and Production building of Albit LLC

    Research and Production Company ALBIT LLC was founded in 1992 by staff-members of the Biological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino, Moscow oblast’). Currently it is a modern innovative company, which is steadily growing and rapidly developing.

    ALBIT LLC produces and sells self-developed product, a biological stimulant and safener for plants based on metabolites of soil bacteria, under the trademark Albit. The Biostimulant Albit allows protecting agricultural crops from the toxic effects of chemical pesticides as well as heat, drought, soil pollution and other stresses, reducing pesticide consumption in agriculture along with obtaining organic production, significantly increasing yields. Biostimulant Albit produced by unique technology using modern fermentation equipment, and proved by  patents “Antidote composition of biological origin for application in plant cultivation” and “biostimulant for yield enhancement and plants protection against phytopathogens”. Scientific and Industrial company Albit, LLC holds 5 patents and 9 trade marks, including trade mark Albit®.

    Our company’s staff is a small friendly team of qualified professionals, including 24 Bachelors and Diplomaed Specialists, 6 Masters of Science, 7 PhDs and Doctors of Science. Biostimulant Albit and its production are noted for the highest degree of safety and environmental friendliness, thus making the company rank among the ‘green innovation-driven enterprises’, yet very few in Russia. Albit is allowed for use in organic farming of Switzerland and the European Union.

    Biostimulant Albit is one of the few developments of domestic scientists competing on an equal footing with analogues not only in Russia but also abroad. It is successfully used by agricultural producers all over the world, from Germany and Switzerland to the Russian Far East and China, from Finland and Vologda to Krasnodar and Nigeria. Since the Biostimulant Albit was first introduced 15 years ago, a wide dealership network has been established in 50 regions of Russia, the CIS, the EU and other countries, through which the product is delivered to farmers. Consumers of Albit are businesses with various financial possibilities, from peasant farm enterprises to leading agricultural holdings.

    ALBIT Scientific and Industrial Limited Liability Company is not only manufacturing company, but also a research organization. In addition to the development of the Albit agent, the priority activities of our company’s employees are research and scientific development of new biotechnologies for greening agriculture, especially the livestock sector (for more details see Joint investigations with research institutes of Russian Academy of Science, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Russian leading universities, research institutes of foreign countries are conducted (totally more then 80). The result of our research work is more than 150 scientific publications.

    More information about us can be found at: (in Russian) and (in English).

    We are happy to work for you!

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