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    Albit, plant growth promoter of biological origin Ц Triticale, winter and spring

    Winter and spring triticale

    Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

    On triticale Albit is applied as antidote for reducing of phytotoxic effect of pesticides. Also Albit increases germination, activates growth and development, increases resistance to unfavorable climate conditions and diseases, increases yield, improves yield quality.

    On triticale Albit was applied in the Chuvashia Research Institute of Agriculture (Chuvashia NIISH, 2003Ц2004), All-Russia Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops (VNIIZBK, Orel oblast, 2009), and in other farms and scientific institutes.

    Field trial on winter triticale was conducted in the Chuvashia NIISH in 2003. In autumn plants, infested with root rots, were treated with Albit (foliar spraying). Biological efficacy of Albit against root rots was 70%, integrity of plants was higher by 20% (vs. control). Thus, foliar spraying with Albit against diseases improved plants: increased tilling capacity (by 45.7%), root system (by 75.9%) and stem (by 21.2%) were vigorously developed.

    In autumn applying of Albit on winter triticale with fungicides (in phase of tilleringЦstem elongation) increased length of ear (by 2.8%), number of grains in ear (by 5.5%), grain unit (by 7.7%), yield (yield increase 0.55 t/ha, 14% to control). Payback of one ruble, expended on Albit, was 21 rubles.

    Field trial on spring triticale was conducted in the VNIIZBK (Orel oblast) in 2009. Albit had growth stimulating effect in trial conducted in laboratory: length of germs was increased (length of roots and germs on 4th and 8th day after seeding). In was shown that seed treatment with Albit in doses 50Ц100 mL/t promoted to maximal length of germs. Increase of sowing qualities of seeds was also observed. In variants with seed treatment with Albit in doses 50, 75 and 100 mL/t germination energy increased up to 6Ц7%.

    In 2009 limitation of moisture and abundance of warm in May promoted to stress conditions for young growth. Seeds treated with Albit (50 mL/t) better sustained to drought in May. More friendly young growths were observed on plots treated with Albit: acceleration of plant development by 2Ц3 days was observed in phase of young growths. Increased germination of seeds by 4Ц5% (vs. control) was observed. The maximal efficacy was obtained in variant with seed treatment with Albit and fungicide (a.i. flutriafol + thiabendazole). Increased germination (vs. control) in this variant was 7%. Thus, in variant with Albit treatment acceleration of plant development in the beginning of vegetation was 11.5Ц13.4% to control.

    Yield of triticale treated with Albit increased by 0.21Ц0.55 t/ha (by 4.1Ц10.9% vs. control), it was not inferior to the action of the chemical standard (a.i. flutriafol + thiabendazole, 11.1%). Also, yield quality increased in variant with Albit treatment and Albit + fungicide (protein content and weight of 1000 grains).

    Application recommendations. Recommended full treatment of triticale with Albit includes presowing seed treatment (application rate of working solution 10 L/t) and 1-fold foliar spraying (BBCH 20Ц30). It is reasonable to apply Albit together with fungicides (full or halved dose) during the presowing seed treatment and with herbicides, liquid fertilizers or insecticides during spray treatments. Seed treatment with Albit in case of presence of smut or other internal diseases must be performed jointly with chemical fungicide treatment. Recommended application rates of Albit are: 50 mL/t for presowing seed treatment and 30Ц50 mL/ha for foliar spraying (application rate of working solution 200 L/ha). The higher dose of Albit (50 mL/t) is used for immunization of plants during vegetation season.

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