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    Onion (scallion)

    Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

    Materials of this chapter were also published in:
    Х Gins, M.S., Kamaleyev, H.B., Suslova, L.V., Kononkov, P.F., Agafonov, A.F., Zlotnikov, A.K. (2004) Influence of plant growth stimulating biostimulant Albit on morphometrical parameters of onion. Gavrish, Nr. 5, p. 23-24.
    Х Popova, T.L., Kamaleyev, H. B., Gins, V.K., Agafonov, A.F., Krivolutskaya, M.A., Kononkov, P.F., Zlotnikov A. K. (2002) Growth of onion leaves under treatment with plant growth stimulating formulations. Materials of IV international scientific and practical conference СIntroduction of rare and unconventional agricultural plantsТ (24-28 Jun 2002), Ulyanovsk, Vol. 2, p. 102-106.

    Influence of Albit on onion was examined in trials carried out by All-Russia Institute of Vegetable Selection and Seed Breeding on onion varieties Shtuttgarterrizen and Alvina (2003 and 2004). In the trials, onion was grown in greenhouse conditions for scallions.

    According to results of trials, Albit provided average increase of scallion yield by 9-29.6%, lenght of leaves by 12.6-21%, dry weight of leaves by 7.4-10.7% (nutritious value), content of clorophyll (by 6.2-40.8%) and ascorbic acid. Also, Albit decreased content of nitrates by 74-77 relative %. In conducted trials, economical or biological effectiveness of Albit was not inferior to that of standard formulations based on epibrassinolide.

    It is recommended to perform presowing soaking of onions for 1 hour in Albit solution (5 ml/L). Recommended application rate of the biostimulant is 5 ml/kg of onions; consumption of working solution is 1 L/kg.

    Trials on onion and lettuce demonstrated that Albit is highly efficient for increase of yield and improvement of quality of grrenhouse vegetables.


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