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Maximum effect of pesticides guaranteed in any conditions
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    1L Albit

    Seed treatment with Albit
    Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

    So many challenges you meet:

    • herbicide stress
    • heat, drought
    • frosts, failed overwintering
    • mechanical damages (hail)
    • diseases
    • low efficacy of seed germination, delay of plant development
    • gluten, oil content and other parameters of yield quality are lower than expected

    One proven solution is

    Albit is a unique biotechnology product 3 in 1 (antidote, fungicide, plant growth regulator). Albit has been successfully used by farmers in Eurasian Union countries, Germany, France and other EC countries, Switzerland, China, the Americas and Australia

    Advantages of Albit:


    also: Albit-BIO
    New biological product for
    animal husbandry and poultry

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