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    Feedback of consumers and specialists about Albit

    Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

    • Albit has been successfully applied in Krasnodar krai since 1999. Albit has taken a strong leading place among the bioproducts used by agricultural producers in our region. Range of Albit application is comparable to the most popular chemical plant protection products. Albit is one of the few products that effectively help farmers strive against drought... Currently, Albit is firmly integrated into methods of cultivation of the main agricultural crops in the region. In our opinion, Albit is one of the most effective and profitable domestic biopesticides

      V.D. Nadykta, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection, Krasnodar

    • In our institute, we tested a lot of growth regulators and selected Albit. Among all alternatives, Albit has the highest quality and shows a stable effect from year to year regardless of the seasonal conditions. Currently, Albit is used on all plots at our institute as an additive to standard plant protection products

      A.A. Fadeev, Director of the Chuvash Research Institute of Agriculture, Chuvash Republic

    • In the conditions of the dominance of foreign products on the plant protection market, Albit can compete with imported alternatives, as well as exceed them by several parameters

      S.L. Tyuterev, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of Laboratory Phytotoxicology in All-Russia Institute of Plant Protection, St. Petersburg

    • Biological product Albit is in demand among agricultural producers of Vladimir Oblast. We consider Albit a product with high potential. We see it necessary to introduce Albit further into Vladimir Oblast

      P.A. Safonov, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Vladimir Region

    • We believe that Albit is a growth regulator with fungicidal properties that has a high potential in the conditions of Pskov Oblast. Albit is suitable both for pre-sowing seed treatment and for foliar spraying during the growing season

      Z.M. Nigrei, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Pskov Region

    • Over the past seven years, a multipurpose biological product Albit has been increasingly applied at farms of Ryazan Oblast Albit exceeds similar products of other companies in high efficiency and low price. Albit as an antidote is irreplaceable when applied to sugar beet, corn, cereals. Presence of NPK and microfertilizers also attracts attention Albit is well-anchored in agricultural production of the region. Based on the mentioned above we believe that Albit is a promising bioproduct for the farms of Ryazan Oblast and deserves high praise

      A.V. Tenyaev, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Ryazan Region

    • In the agricultural practices of the region, Albit proved itself as an effective environmentally friendly growth stimulator for cereals, as well as sunflower, millet, buckwheat, vegetables... Tank mixtures of Albit with chemical fungicides showed good results. Albit has a long-standing and righteous place in crop production of Saratov Oblast

      S.Yu. Borisov, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Saratov Region

    • Everything mentioned above allows us to consider Albit a high-potential product in controlling diseases of cereals and flax

      S.A. Korobov, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Yaroslavl Region

    • The product is a good example of effective use of achievements of domestic science in agricultural practices... Albit exceeds alternative products made by other companies by several parameters such as balanced content of components, long shelf life, high efficiency, and low price. Demand for Albit and its use increases year after year

      O.V. Shadrina, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Vologda Region

    • After the first application, agricultural producers evaluated Albit as a highly effective product Growth-stimulating effect of Albit is noted in all cases. Farmers feedback is only positive Biological fungicide and growth regulator Albit received an appreciation of farmers in Kostroma Oblast due to Albits universality, versatility of action, simplicity of application methods and cost-efficiency

      L.B. Kukushkina, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Kostroma Region

    • The product is a good example of effective use of achievements of domestic science in agricultural practices... The product is a cheap and effective alternative to chemical products in the fields with a low level of background infection

      N.A. Buglov, Head of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Tula Region

    • The demand for biological product Albit increases every year. Albit proved itself well during many years of trials and practical application and received the approval of farmers of Tula Oblast

      L.F. Pukhova, Acting Director of Plant Protection Station (branch of the Russian Agricultural Center) in Tula region

    • We were among the first people who started working with Albit in Tula Oblast... To those who do not work with Albit, we say: Guys, you are wasting the time. This product excellently works as a micronutrient fertilizer, a good antidote, and a growth stimulator three in one. There is no reason not to use Albit. For seven years it never failed me. Why should I turn down a good product?

      A.V. Belyakov, Chief Agronomist, Tesnitskoye LLC, settlement Tesnitsky, Tula Region

    • Biological product Albit has high potential, proven by increasing rates of Albit application. We consider Albit a universal product and an integral element of any plant protection system in Central Black Earth Region

      V.V. Gatsenko, Director of Agrostemma LLC, Voronezh

    • Properties of Albit as a growth regulator unexpectedly and clearly appeared after 2-fold application of Albit. Technological maturity was achieved by August 26-28th, which allowed us to start harvesting earlier and thereby save yield. Duration of phenological phases shortened by 10-12 days. We believe that properties of Albit in the conditions of a short growing season in Krasnoyarsk Territory deserve high assessment, and the product has an extremely high potential in our region

      I.A. Kuprin, Director of Public Corporation Korkinoagropromkhimiya, Krasnoyarsk

    • Miraculous Biostimulant Albit continues to yield excellent results! With Albit, we can survive any unexpected weather change and collect great harvest even in the worst of years.

      V.E. Tochilin - gardener extraordinaire and owner of the northernmost vineyard in Novopolotsk, Belarus

    • There are many other products, but we use Albit. We apply it for foliar spraying when there are any problems, for example, plants obtained chemical burns after applying of herbicides or unfavourable weather conditions. In this case, Albit saves us. The product is inexpensive and low on consumption. As a result, we get more marketable produce and more yield... We have not seen a product that is more effective than Albit

      M.A. Bogomaz, Director of Peasant Farm Economy Bogomaz, settlement Melensk, Bryansk Region

    • A multipurpose product Albit was evaluated as a highly effective plant growth regulator, biological fungicide, antidote, and multipurpose fertilizer. Application of Albit allows to solve several fundamental problems in crop production while keeping your expenses low. Albit increases amount and quality of yield, protects plants against diseases and drought, reduces consumption and increases the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers, and relieves herbicide stress

      A.V. Sokolov, Executive Director of AgroSpas LLC, Volgograd

    • The practice has shown that Albit is irreplaceable for seed treatment of cereals and for foliar spraying of sugar beet, sunflower and soybean in tank mixtures with herbicides (Albit as an effective antidote)... Stable high efficiency of the product was noted in various soil and agrochemical conditions, as well as in weather, climatic, and phytosanitary conditions... We consider Albit a product with high potential, necessary for future sustainable and highly profitable farming in Central Black Earth Region

      A.V. Evseev, Ph.D. in Agriculture, Director of Agrotech-Garant LLC, Voronezh

    • Albit showed great results, significantly exceeding the figures of similar products The annual new results of Albit application in the environment of production and trials showed that not all positive properties of Albit are revealed yet. In turn, this says a lot about future perspectives of Albit

      A.A. Ulanchenkov, Director of BIO Rost LLC, Stavropol

    • Albit is widely recognized among the leaders and specialists of agricultural enterprises and farms in Bryansk, Belgorod, Oryol and Kurgan Oblasts... Albit is an important element of the united system of plant protection

      I.V. Khlistko, Director of AgroTechnoVita LLC, Bryansk

    • We consider Albit an essential product for sustainable and highly profitable farming in Kirov Oblast

      S.G. Zverev, Director of AGROCHIMSOYUZ LLC, Kirov

    • This product well established itself in our region of risky farming. Rates of Albit application are increasing annually. We believe that further implementation of this product in Orenburg Oblast is reasonable because Albit ensures full development of plants and provides protection from pathogens

      V.V. Venediktov, General Director of Orenburg Service Company LLC, Orenburg Region

    • Thanks to quality, effectiveness and profitability of biological product Albit (confirmed by sales data), it makes sense to contemplate further development and availability of Albit application on larger areas and different crops. It is impossible to list all farms that apply Albit there are farms across nine districts of the region. Such a result was reached in only three years of work. In my opinion, there is still a huge need in this product

      M.B. Kartashov, Sole Trader, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov Region

    • Depending on the crop, Albit provides a yield increase of 5-15%; therefore, using Albit repeatedly pays off. Constantly increasing amount of Albit sales indicates that the product is in demand. Our task is to bring undoubtedly positive results of Albit application to those who are not yet using it

      S.V. Andreev, Director of Factoria LLC, Rostov-on-Don

    • We believe that biological product Albit has a high potential for application on cereals and industrial crops in agriculture of Stavropol Territory

      N.M. Kovalenko, Ph.D. in Agriculture, Bizafit LLC, village Lysogorskaya, Georgievsky district, Stavropol Territory

    • Bioproduct Albit is a promising and highly effective product of biological origin... Bioproduct Albit deserves attention of agricultural producers because Albit allows to significantly reduce costs and increase yield of almost all agricultural crops

      A.I. Omelchenko, Sole Trader, Georgievsk, Stavropol Territory

    • Albit established itself as a multipurpose product that, at low cost, can stimulate plant growth, protect plants against many diseases, obtain an environmentally friendly yield... Albit is in high demand among agricultural producers... Albit is the only invention of domestic biotechnologists that is introduced in the plant growing industry of Primorye Territory. We believe that such high-tech competitive inventions can successfully present our country in the dynamically developing market of Asia-Pacific region

      A.S. Pan, General Director of Trading House DalAgroKhimprom LLC, Vladivostok

    • The product Albit has proven itself as a fungicide, growth regulator and antidote that has almost no worthy competitors in the domestic market. Thus, we consider Albit an innovative and very promising product for crop production in Ukraine. We plan to increase its application in the future

      N.M. Sharovskaya, Director of Private Enterprise Rodonit, Kiev

    • The product established itself well, and volumes of its application are increasing every year

      A.A. Amelin, Ph.D. in Biology, General Director of Academ-Arsenal LLC, Oryol Region

    • We can see that rates of use of Albit are steadily increasing. The product is in high demand among farmers The product shows high efficiency on cereals, potatoes, buckwheat, vegetables, fodder, garden and berry crops... In Russia, there is no other product with such strong scientific background as Albit Application of Albit provides an increase in both drought and frost resistance throughout plant life cycle Use of Albit perfectly aligns with the modern processes associated with the restoration of soils destroyed by chemicalization in the 60-80s of the last century. There is an optimal balance between price and level of properties such as quantitative and qualitative indicators of the effectiveness of the application of the biological product

      N.S. Pronina, Ph.D. in Economocs, Director of AZOREL LLC, Nizhny Novgorod

    • product Albit is an example of successful implementation of inventions of domestic scientists that allows to significantly increase the profitability of crop production in complex soil and climatic conditions of Siberia

      A.N. Utkin, Commercial Director, Planta LLC, Tyumen

    • My trial results with Albit show that half a bale/ha yield increase is achievable on a consistent basis

      Jeff Hamblin, cotton farmer, Wee Waa, New South Wales, Australia

    • The improved taste of grape from the Albit treated area had been confirmed by children who just came to our product promotion seminar with their parents. After eaten the good taste, they never came back to the grapes from untreated area Unlike other growth regulators, Albit significantly improved the taste of cucumbers So far, no other technical and/or product is better than Albit on abiotic stress management for local fruit and vegetable farmers

      Hongqi Zheng, owner of Beijing HFDS Bio-Tech Co. Ltd., Beijing, China

    • We have been using Albit about three years and every year we observe positive effect both on yield and grain quality. At the same time, a uniform ripening of the crop is observed, which will accelerate the harvesting. Therefore, we will continue to apply Albit

      S. Katanenko, Chief Agronomist of the largest Latvian economy SIA Uzvara-lauks

    • application of biostimulant Albit for pre-planting treatment and in tank mixes with herbicides and insecticides in the standard protocol of chemical protection of potato is promising for crop yield increasing even under unfavorable climatic conditions of the vegetation season (drought)

      Arta Kronberga, Aina Kokare, Priekuli State Institute of Field Crops Breeding, Latvia

    • My company is the exclusive distributor of the biostimulant Albit in the United States of America. Albit has been applied on pecans, corn, cotton, citrus, blueberries, snap beans, melons, peanuts and vegetables increasing yields and making agricultural production more organic. Many of these products are not only sold in the United States, but have substantial foreign exports which impacts global food supply. Albit has proven its efficacy on farms of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota. We are sure to promote in the near future this much innovated product further in the Mid-West States, New Jersey and California

      Pieter Booysen, Owner and Manager of Able Ag Solutions, LLC, Florida, USA

    • Albit is one of the few effective Russian products in Czech Republic market. Albit is able to make a feasible contribution to mitigating of guarded attitude caused by the events of 1968 and decades of communist domination; promote the development of cooperation between our peoples and states... High efficiency and economic importance of using Albit during pre-sowing seed treatment were confirmed by many years' trials. Trials were conducted by seed-growing companies and scientific institutes. We as long-term distributor of Albit in the European Union also tested this product

      A. Novik, Director of JET COMPANY s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

    • Albit makes plants more resistant to diseases... Albit improves tolerance to chemical plant protection products... In this regard, as an exception, you can refuse to use plant protection products or minimize their amount... We work less and get a much better result. Albit is a rather convenient product for application. It may be used in a tank mixture... Albit softens the effect of plant protection products and improves their tolerance by plants, and you dont have to worry about undesirable consequences

      Hans-Joachim Rummel, agronomist of Agrarhof Ziepel GbR, Germany

    • Albit Company manufactures a very important product Albit (their own patented invention), developed as plant activator of highest quality And the years passed since we started our co-operation with Albit LLC have shown that Albit turned out to be effective in German agriculture

      Manfred Goerke, Head of Project ACON, Germany

    • Albit is a product never before seen in crop production and intensive short cycle, Albit promises to revolutionize agriculture by all perceived benefits, substance containing elements that activate the full potential of a variety

      Martin Solorzano, Leading Plant Health Agronomist, New Ecuadorian Roses, Ecuador

    • Due to application of Albit, oil content in rapeseed increases above 40%. In many countries 40% oil is a critical threshold and rapeseed is regarded appropriate for sale only if it contains oil above this level

      Patrik Erlund, Study director, Vastankvarn Experimental Station, Inkoo, Finland

    • At the end of the tillering stage... a strong development of root rots was observed: roots, stems and all lower leaves of plants were 100% infestated. The upper leaves also began to dry out (about 20% of leaf area). Sowing perished in front of our eyes, which was also facilitated by drought. Only one treatment with Albit (40 mL/ha) completely stopped the spreading of root rots. After 3 days, this field turned green young leaves of barley were clean without spotting; healthy roots appeared. Once again, Albit was applied at flag leaf phase. The yield was 1.8 t/ha was obtained. In a plot without Albit application, the crop completely died

      A.I. Sorokin, Director of Vozrozhdenie-M LLC, Kovylkinsky district, Mordovia

    You can find the originals of these and other feedback about Albit at the end of each chapter devoted to specific crops (for example, winter wheat).

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