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An innovative biological product effectively protecting plants against drought, diseases, and other stresses
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    Cereals Potatoes Maize Flax Sunflower Sugar beet Grain crops and panicled cereals Legumes Fodder crops Vegetables Horticultures and berries Vine Decorative and other cultures

    Materials used in this chapter were published in:

    • Andrianov A. Biological defense of early potato from diseases in: Materials of international conference Biological plant defense as basis of agricultural ecosystem stabilization, p. 219-221, 2004, Krasnodar.
    • Zlotnikov .. (2017) Albit - time-proved efficiency. Potato system. 2. p. 28-29.
    • Zlotnikov .. (2017) The world-famous biological product enters the market of Belarus. Our agriculture. 9. p. 50-54.

    According to results of field trials, Albit is able to increase potato yield by 13-100 centners/hectare (34.3 centners or 20% over control on average). For example, average yield increase in Bashkortostan, Voronezh oblast, Moscow oblast and Stavropol kraj was 32.3, 28.6, 13 and 19 centners/hectare respectively. Such yield increase is due to 1) earlier and more powerful development of potato tops and 2) earlier top dying-off accompanied with redistribution of nutrients from tops to tubers (Fig. 1, 2).




    Fig. 1. Albit increases yield and commercial yield of potato (yield from one potato bush in Agroholding "Kornev Group" of Tambov oblast, 2015)

    Fig. 2. Influence of Albit on growth and development of potato (farm Villarepos, Switzerland, 2014)

    Besides yield, Albit increases germination by 3-5 %, accelerates coming-up from several days to one week, accelerates maturing, improves quality and marketability of tubers (Fig. 3), decrease infestation with black scurf (BE 5068 %), early blight (BE 3159 %), common scab (BE 3069 %) and late blight (BE 5068 %). Fungicidal activity of Albit was detected at the disease prevalence of 3-79 % and disease development of 1-29 %. In Russia, Albit registered as fungicide against early and late blights of potato.

    As for economic and biological efficacy, in field trials on potato Albit was not worse than others pesticides based on thiram, oxadixyl, metiram, epibrassinolide, humic substances, triterpene acids, fir terpenoids, fludioxonil, carboxin, bacteria Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas fluorescens and Pseudomonas aureofaciens.

    Besides of scientific and manufacturing trials, Albit is used in a wide practice of cultivation of potato. The leading potato farms of Russia use Albit: Meristemnye kultury LLC of Stavropol kray, Agricultural firm Elitnyi kartofel of Moscow oblast, Cooperative farm Odoevskye zori of Tula oblast, State Stem Farm Verhknemulinsky Perm oblast, Experimental and Production Farm Transgaza Pushkinskoe of Nizhnii oblast, State unitary enterprise Teplichnoe of Mordovia republic, Agroholding Kornev Group of Tambov oblast, Kartofelnyi alliance LLC of Bryansk oblast, Dobronravov Agro of Bryansk oblast (the biggest potato-growing enterprise nationwide), and others. Also Albit is very popular among owners of small private farms all over the country: from Primorye krai in Far East to Kaliningrad oblast in West.

    Fig. 3. Effect on total crop yield, fraction of commercial yield, fraction of healthy commercial yield in field trials depending on variety of potato (VNIIKH RAAS, 2009)

    Application recommendations:

    The most economically important method of treatment is foliar spraying: 2-3 times repeated spraying in budding stage (leaf closure in rows) and 15-20 days later. Spraying effectively immunizes plants against late blight (it should be done before appearance of the first signs of disease). In trials in Bashkir State Agrarian University it was shown, that protective effect of Albit treatment lasts longer time, than effect of chemical fungicides (Planriz, Agat-25k). Often, plants become even more sensitive to late blight (comparing to untreated ones) after expiry of protective period of chemical fungicides. Albit does not have this negative effect, providing continuous and stable defense.

    Albit treatments can be combined with scheduled insecticidal, herbicidal and fungicidal treatments. These agents are compatible with Albit; they can be used in mixes. It is recommended to use Albit in combination with chemical fungicides Ordan and Oksihrom with treatment dates determined by their application recommendations.

    Combination with Albit reduces application rates of chemical fungicides up to 50%. Some of scheduled fungicidal treatments in first half of vegetation before appearance of disease signs can be completely replaced with Albit treatments. In collective farm Odoevskie zori of Tula oblast, using of Albit in combination with halved doses of fungicides provided stable 100 % defense against late blight and average yield increase of 100 centners/hectare accompanied with considerable savings of treatment costs (2500-5000 roubles/hectare).

    According to All-Russia Institute of Plant Protection, it is effective to use Albit in combination with:

    • insecticides against Colorado beetle (Decis, Sumi-alfa, Citkor, etc.);
    • insecticides against aphid and potato moth (such as Danadim, Lazurit, Raundap) on stock fields, because Albit effectively immunizes plants against viral diseases delivered by these insects;
    • herbicides (Bagira, lazurit, Raundap, etc.).

    Head of one of the advanced farms-consumers of Albit said once, that only together with Albit all pesticides he used before started to work with their full capacity, i.e., to provide 100% of the effect declared by producer.

    Recommended application rate of Albit foliar sprayings is 40 ml/hectare. Cost of treatment of 1 hectare is 88 roubles. According to Perm branch of Moscow State University, immunization of potato against viral diseases requires 1.5 fold increased rates (up to 60 ml/hectare). In small plots the commonly used solution is 1-1.5 ml of Albit /10L of water; its consumption is 4 L/100 m2.

    Full realization of Albit potential can be reached with tuber treatment preceded the foliar sprayings. Tubers should be dipped in working solution not earlier than day before planting. Consumption of Albit and working solution is 100 ml and 15L/tonne of tubers respectively. Instead of dipping, one can perform the treatment through dispersion of working solution (0.5-1% or 5-10 ml of Albit/L of water) over tubers just before planting. Preplanting tuber treatment with Albit

    • increases effectiveness of chemical fungicides against black scurf and common scab, and make possible to use their halved doses;
    • accelerates coming-up;
    • increases late blight resistance;
    • gains growth impulse to plants from very beginning of development.

    Cost of preplanting treatment is 220 roubles/tonne of tubers.

    Full complex treatment (tuber treatment + 3 foliar sprayings) takes 470 ml of Albit/hectare that costs 1034 roubles. Therefore, 1 litre of Albit can be used for treatment of 2.1 hectares.

    Albit treatment makes net profit from 7000 to 16000 roubles from one hectare of potato in average. Each litre of Albit provides average yield increase of 73 centners of potato.

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